Let’s talk till late having no definite topic.
Let’s talk about our fears.
Let’s talk about what makes each other tick.
Not about the beautiful cover you put up for everyone. I want to know about that side you call “dark” and “ugly”.

Let’s talk about death
Let’s talk about our biggest regrets
Let’s talk about our beautiful memories and does ones we want to keep hidden forever.

Let’s talk about our aspirations and vengeance.
Let’s help each other win, and to do that we have to let it all out I mean everything and having no regrets afterwards.

Let’s wear these beautiful flaws, these ugly past with pride and confidence………….

I want you to let’s……


You are my fantasy
Be my fantasy.

I am a dragon, you’re a dragon slayer but am in love with you regardless.

The way your eyes or skin glows in the harshest sunlight.

You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen (apart from my mum)
The way your lips are well sculptured and your nose the way it cringes at irritating things.
The way your smile lighten up the whole room is a great sight.
I will gladly take a bullet for you even if you’ll be the shooter.

My newest infatuation

You’re my obsession

Be my fantasy



U keep looking at the person you like, I will keep looking at you.
If u think about me once a while turn to look at me too.

I don’t care if u don’t feel the same way but just be there
I won’t let you go, hope you know,
Hope you’ll always know.

That I’ve been crazy for you all these times.
All these years I’ve been lurking around you hoping you will feel the heat of my stare but since you never felt it, am using this medium to tell you

Am still crazy for you.



I am broken
I am a masterpiece
I feel pain more than others
I am so strong
I’ve been shredded into pieces and stitched up in rage.
I am broken but am the only one that have vtruly lived.
I am a broken but am a masterpiece.



My darling Daniel
We were so good for each other.
We looked so good together.
When am gloomy you were my strand of sunlight.
When am down you were always there to cheer me up.
Your sense of humor is impeccable.
Your sarcasm is out of this world.
We compliment each other so well, what went wrong.

Why does it hurt so much
Why did it have to be you
Why did you have to leave
Why didn’t you keep your promises or were they just words

I thought I was enough, I wish I was enough.
I guess I was tied up in my fairytale till life slapped me in the face with reality.



I want an oulet
I need an outlet
This is a story I’ve been too embarrassed to share until u came around.

I was underaged,he was mature enough to know what he was doing.
He told me he loved me, I let him touch me in ways I couldn’t describe.

I couldn’t tell anyone, cos I was also in love or so I thought.
Later turned out it was an infatuation.
Getting to know I was his plaything and all the promises were just words was the most painful moment of my life that I relive every time I meet a new person.

Even though I lost trust in the world, I learnt not be described by my past or my misdeeds.I hope this helps someone else.
This is my closure.

Stay sweet